baking flour

the work horse

We went through about 100 tons of flour developing our all-purpose baking flour blend. A Gluten-Free blend that includes all the flours and gums you need, is allergen-free, substitutes one-for-one for most baking recipes with wheat flour and that tastes great with a great shelf-life.  Bake it today and eat it tomorrow, or maybe even next week!

bread flour

the thoroughbred

Breads, buns and pizza crusts are still challenging to create without gluten.  We have a bread flour blend that makes a loaf over four inches high that feels and tastes like wheat-based breads.  We have great buns, bagels, flatbread and even lefse. 

the mixes

the elegant solution

Sometimes it's nice to be able to make pancakes just like all those lucky gluten eating folks can.  That's why we have a pancake mix that only needs oil and water to make your own light, fluffy and tasty breakfast treats, as well as cakes, brownies, cookies dinner rolls and more.