Mehl's Gluten-free Bakery is 100% dedicated gluten-free with many of our products also being nut-free, dairy-free and soy-free. Everything we do from a creative process starts with the assurance that every one of our products you will use is going to be Gluten-free, and that making the jump to Dairy-free and Soy-free is also entirely possible with just one or two simple ingredient adjustments.

Mehl's Gluten-free Bakery includes in our mixes all the gums and other critical ingredients you will need so you don't have to either run to the local health store or grocery every time you make something.

When we get together for a traditional holiday meal like Thanksgiving, the entire layout will be gluten-free from the breads, rolls, stuffing and pies, most all of it will be dairy-free and we'll even have some great egg-free options. If you ate with us and we didn't tell you it was a 100% gluten-free meal, you'd probably not even know. You'd just realize that you'd had a fantastic meal and wonder where you could get some of those recipes!

And that is where this cookbook comes in. Our commitment to provide you the base flour that can do it all, is readily available, and now all the recipes, tips and ideas on how you can make a 100% delicious and gluten-free holiday event possible for your family.

From our family to yours we declare: “Bon appetit!”