The Mehl Family: What’s in a Name? 

When my brothers and I were growing up we were told at one time or another that our family name is a German word translated as flour merchant. Speaking from a personal viewpoint, as a young boy my thought was that something cooler, like Super Bowl Champion Quarterback, would've had a lot more meaning.

Who would have thought that in the years to come our family name would prove so prophetic?

You see, all five adult siblings in our family were ultimately diagnosed with Celiac Disease, an inability to properly digest and absorb the nutrients from foods that contain gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, rye, durum and several other related grains. Subsequently, our extended families also suffer from Celiac disease and gluten intolerance. Our family formed Mehl's Flour Company with a single primary objective: to provide the foundation for delicious, affordable and high quality gluten-free food for you and your family.

After several years of experimentation and running a gluten free retail bakery, I successfully created that "Eureka!" moment I'd been seeking when I constructed a recipe for gluten-free all-purpose flour that can be substituted one to one for wheat flour.

Want to make cookies? Go ahead and follow Grandma’s family recipe; simply substitute Mehl's Flour for wheat flour. Want to make biscuits? Our gluten-free flour is, as my brother Matthew likes to say, "Phenomenal!” Yes, our family can now prepare any food that calls for wheat flour with my gluten-free flour and the results have been life changing; we now bake birthday cakes, make pancakes on Sunday mornings, and don't think twice about making a late night sandwich, or frying up chicken for a picnic, all because of my gluten-free all-purpose flour.

And so can you.

My brothers and I are excited to bring this gluten-free flour to your family. From our family to yours, gluten-free eating is no longer a complex or impossible goal. Our vision is now a reality that we can't wait to share with you.

Thank you for stopping by, we hope to have changed your life in unimaginable ways and look forward to your sharing in the gluten-free Mehl's Flour Company dream.


Paul Mehl
Inventor/Innovator/Champion Quarterback of the Gluten Free Super Bowl

Developed by a Celiac family, the Mehl’s Flour Company mission is to make delicious, high quality, affordable gluten-free food a reality for all people who require or desire a gluten-free lifestyle.


Ingredients are Key

Mehl’s Gluten-free Premium Flour is reliant on two base ingredients: Our proprietary flour blend and our proprietary gum blend. our flour blend’s neutral taste and high nutritional value combined with the excellent fiber and functionality of our gum blend yields results that are not only deliciously gluten-free but nutritionally appealing to the health conscious, and have excellent shelf stability.

Our all-purpose gluten-free flour (sold individually, wholesale, or the base of our gluten-free mixes) compares to wheat flour not only in product results but also possesses a good all around vitamin, protein and mineral profile.

The Mehl family has achieved what no other national or global brand has been able to do; we have developed a gluten-free flour that tastes great, rises like wheat, and provides comparable nutritional value to wheat.

Contact us today to learn how your organization can implement our revolutionary gluten-free products into your product line, or create your own private label mix line.

We'll even provide you with all our bakery recipes for cookies, cupcakes, brownies, pizza crusts and the like.